Easily my favourite “Roar” cover

[Contentious statement alert]

I don’t miss New Zealand. I like concrete and cities and history and unfriendly people, which is why I took to London so completely.

There are certain things I miss, like family, Sparkling Duet, and awnings that protect the footpaths from rain while you shop. Something that I miss that might surprise the average London raver, are the quiet parties at home sitting around the dining room table. There, invariably, someone will be handed a guitar and the night will soar with song. Think Once Were Warriors but without the domestic violence. For everything that London has to relentlessly offer this is something that doesn’t feature on the menu. And I hanker for it.

It’s no surprise then that when YouTube star and all-round talent Tori Kelly picked up a guitar to sing Katie Perry with acapella superstar Scott Hoying (whose voice is as wonderful as it is surprising, considering he looks like a Greenlandic farmer), I lost my shit.

I spend far too much time on YouTube finding obscure but ridiculously talented people to torture my friends with. As it turns out, music execs do exactly the same thing, which is why Tori won a grammy just a year after she posted this video.


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